We strive to provide comprehensive Optometric care to include all areas of Optometry.

Services at Dr Ian J. Henderson & Associates

Your eye exam will include technologically-advanced pretest evaluation by one of our Certified Canadian Optometric Assistants before having a comprehensive evaluation by one of our University of Waterloo trained Doctors of Optometry.

We provide comprehensive oculo-visual assessment and treatments to all ages including:

  • Paediatric, school age, adults, and seniors.
  • Pre and post-operative cataract patients.
  • Contact lens wearers, including those in specialty lenses (RGPs and sclerals) to treat keratoconus, post-corneal grafts, and corneal ectasias secondary to laser refractive surgery.
  • Dry eye sufferers, with treatments available including non-prescription and prescription eye drops, punctual plugs, nutritional supplements, and eyelid health maintenance.
  • Patients at risk for developing glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other eye disease.

We provide spectacle services in our large frame dispensary which includes:

  • Paediatric and children’s frames.
  • Magnetic and custom clip-on sunwear.
  • Quality day to day eyewear at competitive prices.
  • Fashion brand name eyewear including many European designers.
  • Non- prescription and prescription sunglasses.
  • CSA approved prescription safety eyewear.

We provide direct online billing to many Insurance Companies.

Dispensary at Dr Ian J. Henderson & Associates